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We are a State licensed 501 (c)(3) organization but receive no funding from the State of Texas. We depend upon donations as well as tuition fees to maintain quality operation expenditures.

By giving to the Holy Highway Girls Home, you will help us with our ongoing work to restore the lives of young woman in need.

There are many ways to give, including Sponsoring a Girl, becoming a Monthly Partner, or making a special single donation.


Holy Highway Christian Academy is a private Christian school and is the educational part of The Holy Highway Girls home residential program. Students attend school for the length of their time in the ministry program which usually lasts from nine to twelve months.

Holy Highway Christian Academy's goal is for every student to complete at least one grade (1 year) of credits. Students work at their own pace according to their abilities. This gives each student the opportunity to catch up, stay up, or move ahead in their school credits. An evaluation of a student's progress is sent to the parents at the student's one, three, six, nine, and twelfth (if needed) month, in the program.

Students at Holy Highway Christian Academy attend school all year. During the fall and spring, students attend school five days a week (Mon-Friday) from 8:30am-3:00pm. The summer schedule is four days a week (Mon-Thursday) from 8:30am – 3:30pm. Included in the school time is a daily morning chapel and one morning break and lunch.

The curriculums used in school are Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), Alpha Omega, and A+. Which curriculum is used depends on what is best suited for the girl and the type of course. New students must complete a Christian/New Girl Workbook and one Bible course before beginning academic subjects. If needed, a new student will be given a Math and/or English diagnostic test. Upon graduation from the program, students receive additional credits in Choir, Interpersonal Studies, and P.E. These credits are earned outside the classroom.

A student can also study for the GED Exam while placed at The Holy Highway, and receive a GED diploma (not Holy Highway diploma) by passing the GED exam. Only students who are seventeen, and very behind in their Academics, will be allowed to take the GED study course.

The Holy Highway Christian Academy is accredited through NAPS; National Association of Private Schools.


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